PSRF pursues a diverse portfolio of projects located throughout Puget Sound. As a project-based, results-oriented organization we look for opportunities in every community to restore real resources that people can see, use and enjoy. PSRF maintains a tight focus on identifying priority projects, mobilizing resources from diverse sources and getting projects done. Much of the satisfaction from this on-the-ground work comes from interesting collaborations with tideland owners, scientists, tribes, businesses, governments and community organizations.


We participated, with the Pacific Shellfish Institute, in a triple bottom line assessment looking at the costs and benefits of shellfish production and restoration in Puget Sound. The objectives of the project were three-fold:

  • Identify and quantify the environmental costs and benefits of commercial shellfish harvest strategies and shellfish restoration in Washington State, and quantify these costs and benefits in economic terms where possible.
  • Inform and educate local, regional and federal policy makers, industry representatives, tribal members, and other stakeholders of the outcome of this research and make recommendations to regulators and managers as to how best use this information in decision making to enhance economic and environmentally sustainable shellfish production and restoration.
  • Provide a framework for other geographic locales to evaluate the environmental benefits and costs of their aquaculture and shellfish based economies.

You can view the complete report here (.pdf, 366K), or a one-page summary here (.pdf, 593k). Or you can jump to the individual sections below: